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You have rights and options.


Call the IRS or State Taxing Authority.
Call 800-829-1040. You will be offered an installment plan, which we refer to as the pay forever plan.
This process will include speaking to the IRS about your finances. Be prepared to fax your bills, bank statements, and income information.


Review settlement options with a A+ Rated Tax Relief Firm. If you qualify for an assortment of tax relief programs, you CAN rid yourself of this debt. It’s time to get educated on your rights. We have resolved over $500 million in tax debt, so we have what it takes to get your tax handled. If we can help, we will. And if we can’t, no harm no foul, we will let you know.

Why Choose Us

  • Real Company with Real Professionals – Direct Line to Your IRS Tax Attorney, CPA, EA
  • Free Consultation Up Front – So you know where you stand
  • One Flat Rate Fee – No Hidden Charges – Flexible Payment Arrangements
  • No Delay in Beginning Your Case
  • Live Customer Support Always Available
  • Licensed in All 50 States

Are you tired of…

  • Receiving letters from the IRS.
  • Having liens placed against you.
  • Having your bank account levied.
  • Having your wages garnished.
  • Getting audited.
  • Owing the IRS back taxes.
  • Having years of unfiled returns.
  • Owing payroll taxes.

If so, speak to an IRS TAX EXPERT today.

We can help you find the right tax relief program for you. Get started today with a team of certified tax practitioners, attorneys and CPA’s to fight for you.

  • Step 1: Protection

    Our experienced team of professionals will provide you a free tax analysis and pre-qualify you for the best resolution to your tax problem. We know the pressure you face right now dealing with the IRS. We will work to see if we can help get this tax debt turned around and protecting your livelihood.

  • Step 2: Investigation

    Our investigation starts by filing a Tax Authorization information form 8821 with the IRS and/or the appropriate state taxing authority on your behalf in order to complete a full fifteen-year record of account. We will also submit a power of attorney for 2848 so we can take immediate action to protect you. Upon completion of the investigation, our analysis team will call you discuss the findings and you will be given your options about resolving your tax issues finally.

  • Step 3: Resolution

    The resolution phase starts by gathering the required documents and history to substantiate your case. This is where the tax case builds and we prepare the documents necessary to prove to the taxing authority that you deserve a settlement or a resolution on your terms. Many resolutions require a great deal of follow-up and contact with the IRS and/or state. Our team is here to resolve this debt once and for all and keep you tax debt free in the future.

Customers says

Directly from our customers!

I was at my wits end, wondering how I was going to get over my problem. The whole team was AWESOME. They were there when I needed help. They took the time to explain the things I did not understand...

Carol S

New Jersey

The entire team from the first call to the last call was a pleasure and they made me feel like I mattered. This feeling is severely lacking in dealing with businesses today and it was wonderful to feel that again.

Matthew H


My experience with IRS Tax Expert was friendly, informative and result worthy. They helped me with an understanding of how their process worked, timeframe communication of events and optional resolutions I would be facing...

Theresa L

New York

I had some questions and issues in dealing with the IRS and they stepped in and provided me with all the information and assistance needed to move forward. This has been a positive 5 star experience and highly recommended..

Willie C

New York

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